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Synthesis of Building Blocks

Our building blocks synthetic entities support R&D and drug development. These include chiral and non-chiral molecules.

Synthesis of Ligands

Bishydroxamic acid ligands and others ligands can be found on our products list and on request.

Peptide Synthesis

Our in-house peptide synthesis expertise provide solutions to our customers peptide demands.

Custom Synthesis

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

GC Analytical Services

We provide HPLC quantitative and qualitative analytical services for product support and quality control.

HPLC Analytical Services

We provide GC qualitative and quantitative analytical services for product support and quality control.

HPLC and GC Training Provider

If you are looking for training sessions on HPLC and GC equipment, troubleshoot, method development, qualitative and quantitative interpretation then we can deliver those sessions to suit your demand of online and/or in-person settings.

Interpretation of Analytical Spectral Data

Training and interpretation-report services are available on H1-, C13-NMR, GC, HPLC and other spectroscopic spetra.

Methodology Improvement

Call us at +44 (0)118 2080 438 or email us for an inquiry.